Rusty Nuts  Update

Rusty Nuts Implodes and falls apart.  Needs your help to stay alive.

In 2013 with RN events on hold until I sorted out the problems that had been sent to try us. The stopping of events was my call as the continuation of any events was jeopardising my employment. As my employment requires approval from Police and NZTA to continue. I maintain my choice was the only one I could have made.

Two former Rusty’s decided that a meeting should be called to see if any other Rusties were interested in forming another group to continue to ride together.

When they arrived at the meeting in Turangi they were met by Lloyd and Shona who had hanging on the wall the registration certificate of a Limited company Called RUSTY NUTS Motorcycle Club Ltd.

So the implosion starts, as everyone knows RUSTY NUTS M/C was my creation and I was in no way consulted about this hijacking of my club.

Most of the Rusty ‘s were horrified that Lloyd and Shona would do this.

This very act has split the club into 3 groups. Those that supported me, and a couple who supported Lloyd and Shona, and the majority who could see the hassles and just don’t want any part of it, they just wanted to ride and politics were not part of that.

I approached Lloyd and Shona about this and they told me they registered the name to protect it. They never said from who or why.

It seems it was to protect it from me as I have now got emails saying they OWN the name and I can’t use it as they OWN it.

This leaves me in a shitty position as I was attempting to get the last 50 badges for SCRR riders made but if I do I run the risk of a possible action against me for using what is my own property. A.s all badges have my club name that they claim they own

I have registered my intellectual property rights over all the designs, etc that are part of the Rusty Nuts M/c. No one can use those but as the registration of the name as a limited company presents problems in me making those badges.

I have repeatedly asked Lloyd and Shona to deregister the company and give me back control of my own club so I can continue to finalise the SCRR and to organise further events.

I emphasise this point Lloyd cannot use my designs so he cannot organise the badges to be made, and I can’t either because of their attempting to stop me using the name of the club I invented and built up over 25 years.

So we have an impasse, they can’t use any of my intellectual property like designs or slogans etc. They say I can’t use my own name. Of course the company’s office just never checked that there was an organisation using the name Rusty Nuts M/c for 25 years before accepting a registration of the name.

SO I am forced to organise a different commemorative to those who are still owed one. It will be different to the normal SCRR badge.

I am short of funds to do this as they are being funded from my own pocket as is the legal defences I am being forced to put into place.

I hope you will now understand what the hell has been happening in the background. And will bear with me while I make different arrangements.

You will of course have noted that while Lloyd and Shona have hijacked the club name and caused it to fall to pieces they have made no offers to anyone of what they are going to do with it. They have not and cannot produce the badges either.

Lloyd feels that he is charge and sitting on the top of the RNMC but the RNMC has been reduced to a broken sorry pile of crap by his actions and he is sitting on top of that pile of crap. To those who may wish to comment here is his email address, I am sure he will welcome your comments. keymac@xtra.co.nz

He could still restore my club name to me by deregistering his company thus removing the threats to me to use what is rightfully mine.

I gave all the Rusty Nuts members their membership by invitation and Lloyd and Shona have obviously forfeited any right to use that in my eyes.

You don’t accept an invitation into a family and then steal the family crest.

SO what happens now.


I could start a legal action but it is beyond my means

So as my legal advice is it is much easier to defend an action that instigate one,

I am publically stating that Lloyd MacIntyre has stolen my club name, he and Shona have misappropriated the Rusty Nuts MC club name with a view to make it their own and commit fraud by the use of it.

I now invite Lloyd to spend his money to instigate a libel case against me as the only true defence for a libel case is the truth and I have hundreds of witnesses to the fact I started the RNMC long before he was ever involved in it.


The latest in this sorry saga is that I have now had melanomas removed and am no longer in the best of health.

This means I no longer have to worry about the employment issues as I will shortly finish work, and then the NZTA and police checks etc no longer become an issue. (If only Lloyd and Shona had waited as I asked until I finished work to be able to crank it all up again.)

My legal costs to fight through the courts have depleted my reserves and Lloyd is a wealthy man. So as far as I am concerned unless there is a lawyer out there who wishes to aid me in my fight the fight will drag on possibly until one of us dies, He is considerably older than I am.

He may be in better health so that could be a draw.

He is of course from when this started no more than a dead man walking as far as I am concerned.

In an attempt to save the once proud name of RNMC I am proposing a multi prong attack consisting of the following.

1 . Enlisting the support of those who wish to RNMC continue to assist me in getting Lloyd and Shona to change their minds and deregister the Company they have formed.

2. Enlist support for RNMC legal fighting fund to get control of my Name so that it can continue.

3. Put up for sale Red RNMC T shirts complete with Chrome dont get you home slogan on the back for sale to all riders with all funds except postage of said shirts going into the fighting fund.

4. Open membership of RNMC to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

5. Seek assistance from a legal person who may be able to assist.

6. Hold a NEW STYLE Southern Cross Road Rally event as described below....

It will be held in April 2015. It will be run over the Southern Cross Road Rally Course, 

There will be no badges made, but there will be in the place of that a commutative T shirt for each entrant.

The run will be self regulating with no staffed checkpoints apart from Bluff the final checkpoint.

Entrants will have to take pictures of themselves and their motorcycles at each of the four points with the last checkpoint in Bluff being the only manned checkpoint. That CP will be open for 1 hour only on Friday the 24th of April.

As the checkpoints will be unmanned the order of running the four points will not matter only the last checkpoint will be regulated.

As the CP can be run in different order than the normal SCRR format there will be no group booking organised for the interisland ferry.

There will be a meal and drinks at the end of the run in the Eagle Hotel at Bluff.

To get over badge problems they will e no badge BUT all entrants will receive a SCRR t shirt with confirmation of their entry before the run starts.,

Last minute entries will not be accepted as processing orders printing shirts etc will take 10 days the cut off for entries will be 10th April 2015.

NO exceptions at all.


Entry to Rusty Nuts New Style Southern Cross Road Rally


Address ................................................................................................................


Email .......................................................................................................

T shirt size for SCRR shirt                                   S M  L XL XXL  XXXL   Circle.

Entry fee .... Rider ..... $120.00 per person, Includes event shirt.

                        Pillion ... $80.00     includes event shirt.

Shirts will be sent with confirmation of acceptance of entry.

You are responsible for all your own accommodation bookings, ferry fares etc, throughout the trip.

The final end of run event will include a provided meal, and drinks at the Eagle Tavern.

I reserve the right to refuse entry to any person for any reason whatsoever, with a full refund of any entry fee paid.

Entry fees to be paid via internet to the following account.

TSB account 15 3956 0638029 26

Ref payment as SCRR and name.

All communication will be by email where ever possible but a physical mailing address must be provided for dispatch of event shirts.

There will be acceptance of any liability of anyone not completing the event for whatever reason. All entrants are aware that motorcycle riding on public roads can be hazardous due to an unlimited variety of reasons and enter at their own risk.  

Signed                                                           Dated.

Email entry to lee@rustynuts.co.nz


RNMC Red T shirt order form


Address (must be included so items can be dispatched)


Sizes     S   M   L   XL   XXL   XXXL    Circle One

Shirts cost $40 each which includes Postage.

This is your opportunity to own a Genuine RNMC hand printed Club T shirt.

( Formally these were only available to Invited Rusty members.

Payment via net to Account TSB account 15 3956 0638029 26

Ref RNMC T and name

Email order to lee@rustynuts.co.nz


Donation to RNMC Name Recovery fighting fund..

Payment via net to TSB account 15 3956 0638029 26


Ref  RNMC FF and name.

Email lee@rustynuts.co.nz


Legal assistance offered.

If you can held in this way just email your details and I will be in touch.


Email lee@rustynuts.co.nz


I wish to purchase one a one year subscription to the Rusty Nuts M/c

I understand that the club is being reformed and will be entitled to club membership in a newly constituted Rusty Nuts M/c

Once the club is reformed I will have right to participate in all future projects events etc, My membership will entitle me to reduced entry fees etc for upcoming events.

A red RNMC T shirt, club patch are included in this fee.

Sign me up


Address (must include)

email address.

Membership fee for first year is $200.00  This includes a $40 RNMC T shirt.

Payment to be made via net to TSB account 15 3956 0638029 26

Ref  RNMC MS and name.

Email lee@rustynuts.co.nz

Paid Membership will entitle entry to RNMC events at a 25% discount rate.


If any of this works I can pull RNMC out of the mire, chop out the dead wood and get NZ’s greatest club back on its feet.

The fate of the club now rests with all the people who have enjoyed its events for 25 years,

Lee Rusty


TO those people still waiting for a badge I am still working on it and the only solution seems to be to craft up a whole new badge. That is what I am working on and when I get it sorted so that there are not two badges covering the same event I will make that available to those who got a original badge BUT only on return to me of the original badge.

I have not abandoned you and I hope from what is written above you will understand the delay. I understand that you will think this is not your problem and all you want is your badge. Without this shit you would have already had it.



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