RUSTY NUTS MC has Shut Down - There will be no further events held. 

I have the first 50 SCRR badges being sent out on the 20th Sept then a further lot will be produced and sent out as soon as possible. Who gets the first fifty will be drawn at random, I'm not going to play favorites.

I am disposing of all assets to make good any refunds. I will be in contact with those who have a claim. Outstanding claims from carried over events from years previous to 2012 will be last in payment line. 

If you didn't go on an event, I did hold the next event open but this has stretched in some cases to year after year of not attending and expectations that this would be for ever. It has sunk the entire thing. With more persons turning up, out numbering paying attendees. I funded the shortfall, 

Now due to health reasons I am pulling the pin. The events were always supposed to be fun, now they have just become a reason for some to cause unpleasantness, I will not let these few persons cause me further stress. The stress put on me by various others in the world of officialdom, the motorcycle world, with events of similar nature, culminating in threats to my job, and family are just not worth it. This has been backed up by a few who were event attendees.

If I am going to put more funds into it personally it will be to bury it once and for all. Not to prop up the body to attempt to make it live again. Those registering claim, be aware that they are being settled from my own finances, and I will do so ASAP I have disposed of my motorcycles to cover some costs, The rest I will manage in due course. 

There will be an announcement here of RNMC stock for sale in due course. There are spares of badges, patches etc which will be made available.

I did enjoy the events, but no more. As with all good things, there are those who feel they have a right to what they did not create. RNMC was and will be always mine. Instead of tearing things down, you should try to do things for yourselves. Building something from the ground up is harder than ripping it down. If there are faults with RNMC I take total ownership of them, they are mine and mine alone. RNMC personal have no responsibility. 

The name Rusty Nuts MC and all its abbreviations etc remain under my assertion of copyright. All logos; etc remain my intellectual property and can not be reproduced without permission. To the RNMC members I will be in touch in due cause to thank you for your years of assistance. RNMC members are in no way responsible for anything to do with this decision. 

The first 23 years were fun, the next two were a trial, and the last  has been a hardship. My riding days are over and it has not a good note to go out on, such is life. 

Lee Rusty.

What we do

The Rusty Nuts Motorcycle Club bring you some of the best known events in the New Zealand motorcycle calandar.

We run "The Grand Challenge" a 1000 mile (1609km) 24 hour event every October. The 20th of these was held in 2006.

Also the "Southern Cross Road Rally" - a six or seven day event travelling to the four extremities of New Zealand accessable by road.

We also organise other tour type events, the common thread through all the events is the "challenging" aspect. They all provide something more difficult than other rallies, either the distance, the accessability, or the time factors allowed.

From time to time we also do "Specials" such as the "Wild One Rally", a one off event held at the Bridge to Nowhere before the "Non-existent road" was closed and the area was absorbed into the Whanganui National Park in 1992.


2013 Southern Cross Badges - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hi All - Just a note to assure everyone that the 2013 Southern Cross badges etc are definitely coming, as a few have recently been asking.

There have also been questions about rides other than the GC - at this point, there won't be any more rusty rides running in the foreseeable future.

To keep up with the news, firstly keep an eye on the site, and secondly click the register button so you can use the forum and get any updates mailed out to you.

Grand Challenge 2013 - Monday, July 22, 2013

The 2013 Grand Challenge won't be running this year. This is partly due to continuing problems with obtaining a new venue and partly due to the event just not being affordable to run, and partly due to the unneeded personal stress.

It was fun but 25 years was a good innings, so it's time to call it a day and RNMC will be put into limbo. I know some will not like it but I have to bite the bullet. This is not up for discussion.

RNMC is closed for foreseeable future or ever, whichever comes first. It is affecting my health trying to keep it going.

Thanks to everyone for their participation

- Lee

New Mail Box Number - Monday, October 22, 2012

RNMC have changed the mail box P.O.Box 115 Mosgiel.


2012 Grand Challenge is on hold for the year 2012. - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We have decided to put the 2012 Grand Challenge on hold due to various problems with venue and numbers attending making it nonviable in this recession. We will make a decision on its future after the 2013 SCRR.

Grand Challenge DVD
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